Young deficit hawks advocate through social media -- and a guy dressed as a foam can

Yeas and Nays,Politics,Jenny Rogers

Dozens of young deficit hawks converged on George Washington University's campus Monday night to kick off The Can Kicks Back campaign. Millennials concerned with the "kick the can down the road" mentality of leaders when it comes to the national debt gabbed over appetizers while plotting their next moves.

In addition to calling members of Congress, spreading the word on Facebook and Twitter (#FtheDebt) and writing letters to President Obama, the nonpartisan TCKB features a young man dressed in a foam soda can outfit. Cason Romano planned to spend the day Tuesday running around Capitol Hill as AmeriCAN. Romano, who said his "outgoing personality" made him a good fit for the role, said the stunt is meant to be a fun spectacle, whether or not it gains sympathy for the cause from lawmakers. "I'm not sure they'll listen specifically to a can," he said.

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