Zogby Report Card: Good moves in Iraq and Ferguson, Mo., buoy midterms

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Pollster John Zogby reports in our weekly White House report card that President Obama scored good points with his Iraq policy and efforts to quell violence in Ferguson, Mo., giving him something to brag on in November.

"The president is on vacation, but global crises are not. Mr. Obama revealed a steady hand in the Iraq crisis by deliberating then acting judiciously in northern Iraq to assist persecuted religious minorities and halt the progress of the Islamic State.

“At the same time, he won a victory when Iraq's corrupt and disruptive prime minister finally resigned, clearing the way for a fresh start with a unity government. The Obama administration has maintained that Iraq can only healed with inclusive leadership and politics. That leadership is now in place.

“At home, the president spoke sensitively about racial tensions in St. Louis County, Mo. town of Ferguson, but unleashed his attorney general to assess the use of heavy artillery against demonstrators. These are all talking points for November."

Grade: B

Zogby is the senior analyst for Zogby Analytics and author (with Joan Snyder Kuhl) of "The First Globals: Understanding, Managing, and Unleashing our Millennial Generation."

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